Nowadays there is huge interest in Japan and all connected issues, like a tradition, an art, a daily life and  a language as well, both in Poland and all around the world. Although, numerous Japanese art centres are being sprung up, figure of Geisha (a performing artist) remains unfathomable secret (there is only a few people who could see real Geisha). Our priority is to present Geisha in the most accurate way, as faithful imitator of the performing artist. Therefore, the main aim of  the ?Geisha-Art? is to introduce these mysterous women and their fascinating art including costumes, dances and music naturally. Nonetheless, fully aware of situation that up till now noone coud unravel the mystery that closed circle, we hope that the idea of combining art?s performings and education will be accepted, appreciated or even helped for further plans.


The undertakinig is based on a talent, a passion and an experience. Japanese art and concerts are the mark of the ?Geisha-Art? Agency. We are students and graduates of Universities and the other music school in Cracow. Usually we play stringed instruments, therefore using typical Japanese instrument /shamisen with three strings only/ is not a problem. ;) We grace all kind of concerts, conferences, congresses, festivals and any oriental events not only by presenting characteristic costumes, white make-up and symbols of Geisha but dancing  and playing customary music of the land of rising sun as well.


Besides above mentioned atractions, we offer: presentations, prelections, displays, workshops, interactive playing connecting with Japanese art and culture (cooperative organized). Moreover, there is possibility to disguise as Geisha and to take a photo in our atelier. We want to highlight our quality by creating things which are still a niche: image of Geisha, Japanese music and Orient. /offer/


Additionally, artistic management is offered. Cooperation with other ethnic group from all a round the world, would be compliment for these who want something more? taking pleasure from listening intriguing bands with all traditional  attributes /impresariat/


We have numerous contacts among artists, therefore you can seize an opportunity and create event form your dream?It does not matter who it is: an actor, a singer, an instrumentalist, a band or an orchestra? We can make it true?
And that all with attention to detail and artistic impression.








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