Japanese musical instrument.

In Japanese language it's name literally means "three strings". Shamisen is more or less as long as guitar but has a much thinner fingerboard. The fingerboard has no frets. It's a plucked string instrument and the stringgs are plucked with plectrum (Japanese: bachi). Shamisen became geishas' attribute. The use it to accompagny themselves while performing songs called "ko'uta".





National musical instrument

of Japan - plucked string instrument, a type of zither. It's approximately 180-200 centimeters long. The top part is convex and has 13 strings. Each string has the same length. There is a moveable fingerboard under each string. The strings are plucked with three plectrums/plectri which are put on the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger of right hand.







Japanese recorder, traditionally

made of lower parts of bamboo. „Shakuhachi” literally means traditional length of the instrument, which is 1.8 feet long (almost 55 centimeters). But the instruments can have different lengths – the longer the instrument is, the lower is the key. In the Middle Ages it was used by zen monks for spiritual practices.






Like ''?tsuzumi'', it's a type of a hour-glass shaped drum. It consists of wooden body with attached strings. Color of the sound can be changed by loosening or tightening the strings. It's being put on the right arm and supported by left hand. It's the only Japanee drum hit with the hand and not with the sticks.

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