It's not a dream....                                                                                                                  

Welcome to the "Flower and willow world"


"Geisha-art" created for the love of music, spiced with genuine fascination with "Country of Cherry Blossom".

“Genesis of our agency is inspired by Japanese geishas, who injured an erroneous opinion about them, were in fact women of art (gei-art, sha-man), the music and dance were their real kingdom.


Why "Geisha-art?"

- because for us the activities of the music and art are the realm in which we want to realize and constantly develop our passion.

- because our ultimate goal is to take you on an exotic trip, which to be served instead of a ticket, you need only to open your soul to the new aesthetic experiences.

- because, by a spectacular dance and music performed on traditional instruments and shamisens, we would like to present atmosphere of the mysterious Orient.

- because we provide a charming visual setting, our team is creating own professionally styled Geisha.

- because we work with the original ethnic music ensembles performing the farthest corners of the world.

- because we focus on innovation, quality, artistic image, so the event or concert will be at the highest executive level and aesthetic (costumes).

- because if we can conjure up a  Geisha, then we can arrange a remarkable musical setting for any event, anniversary or corporate meeting.



We invite you to...

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